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Santa Cruz Artificial Intelligence:

02/24/2020: Neural Networks workshop presentation


Augmented Design Lab: October 2019 – January 2020’s Argoverse research presentation

Individual Work Courses: August – September 2019

#1 Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Week 1 & 2 – Classification, Logistic Regression, Cost Function

Week 3 – NN, Vectorization, Activation functions, Gradient Descent

Week 4 – DNNs, Forward Prop, Back Prop, Hyperparameters

#2 Improving Deep Neural Networks

Week 1 – Train/ Dev/ Test set, Bias & Variance, Regularization, Overfitting, Dropout, Data Augmentation, Early Stopping, Vanishing/ Exploding gradients, Weight initialization

Week 2 – Batch vs Mini-Batch gradient descent, Exponentially Weighted Averages, Bias Correction, Momentum, RMSprop, Adam Optimization Algorithm, Hyperparameter choices, Learning Rate Decay, Local Optima Problem

Week 3 – Tuning Hyperparaemters, Batch Normalization, Batch Norm in NN, Softmax Regression, Training Softmax

#3 Structuring Machine Learning Projects

Week 1 – Orthogonolization, Single Number Evaluation Metric, Setting up train/ dev/ test/ set

Week 2 – Error Analysis, Cleaning up incorrectly labelled data, correcting incorrect Dev/ Test set examples, Training and Testing & Bias and Variance, Data Mismatch Problem, Transfer Learning, Multi-task learning, End-to-end Deep Learning

#4 Convolutional Neural Networks

Week 1 – Convolutional Operation, edge detection, Padding, Strided Convolutions, Multiple Filters, Max Pooling, Average Pooling, personal explanation and interpretation

Week 2 – Different types of CNNs – LeNet-5, Alex Net, VGG-16, Residual Networks, Residual Block, Networks in Networks, 1×1 Convolutions, Inception Module

Week 3 – Object Localization, Classification with localization, Landmark Detection, Sliding Windows Detection, CNN implementation of Sliding Windows, YOLO algorithm, Intersection over Union (IoU), Non-max Supression, Anchor Box Algorithm, Region Proposals – R-CNNs, Fast R-CNNs, Faster R-CNNs

Week 4 – Face verification vs Face recognition, similarity function, Siamese Network, Triplet Loss, Face verification & Binary Classification, Neural Style Transfer, Content Cost function, Style Cost Function

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