Mehul Varma

Hi! I am Mehul Varma. I am currently a junior/senior at UC Santa Cruz pursuing a BS in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Systems programming.

I am currently working as a software engineering intern at BandDjinni where I am tinked around with Google APIs in NodeJS and creating database applications for the company’s web application.

I have also worked as a researcher at the Augmented Design Lab on the Intersection Generation Project, working with various satellite image datasets like’s Arogverse.

One of my main interests are Software Engineering, Distributes Systems, Systems Design, and Machine Learning. Learning about the unique ways in which systems function and exploring more in the world of ML and its ability to solve seemingly impossible tasks amazes me everyday.

Other than that I am involved in SCAI (the AI club at UCSC) where I oragnize and teach workshops, and UCSC Rocket Team where I closely work the payload team for NASA’s yearly Student Launch collegiate competition.

Recreationally, I am also a part of the Rangeela bollywood dance team, Indian Student Association, I frequently play in UCSC’s Intramural Soccer League.

Feel free to contact me. Contact info below !

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